Breaking into the industry as a filmmaker

The film industry is highly touted for being filled with opportunities, but it also has lots of challenges. There are a huge variety of projects being worked on, but it can be difficult for filmmakers and actors to find work right away. At the same time, you also might be having a tough time finding the right tools for project management, actors for your script and crew members. While things can be difficult when it comes to establishing the right film production, there are ways to get around these challenges.


Challenges faced by filmmakers

One of the main issues that filmmakers are dealing with is a lack of preparation. Not having the right prep work for a project is certainly demanding and challenging, and it can lead to its fair share of problems. On top of that, investors aren’t always lining up to support projects that are innovative. Which is why many movies that are creative and with an interesting vision won’t receive funding because they are seen as a risky investment. It’s the reason why we see so many reboots and sequels these days.

On top of that, movie distribution has changed quite a bit. Cinemas? What are those? Nowadays even streaming sites can seem a thing of the past as we steer towards a more open web, so many times someone with film school experience and a great track record still have to rely on legacy distribution factors. Of course, we also have piracy which is a huge issue on its own as well. Handling this in an appropriate manner can help immensely, and it has the potential to bring in great results. 

In addition, there are plenty of other struggles that appear, ranging from not having access to the desired locations, media pressure and not accessing the talent you want. All of these things can make film production a lot more difficult, especially for rookies.

What can you do to eliminate these filmmaker struggles?

Take risks

Pick a goal (small or BIG), here’s some examples:

  • Connect with another filmmaker.
  • Make a short film.
  • Write that script.
  • Become a superstar in Hollywood.

Whatever it is, try to put yourself in positions that help to drive you towards that goal. There’s going to be some risks involved with doing this as you might feel uncomfortable connecting with others, making a film or showcasing it etc. These types of positive risks are what may help you to find crews, colleagues and stand out from the crowd.


A good starting point is to use This is a social network created specifically for filmmakers. It makes it easy for any struggling filmmaker to find work, connect with other industry talent and also learn more about upcoming film projects. 

As a filmmaker, you get to create your own profile and show projects and interests. Filmshape is focused on bringing the industry a creative way to find new talent, while also hiring the right crew for your films. 

If you are a part of the film industry and want to find work, enlarge your network or identify great opportunities, give a try today. We are here to help you join an incredible filmmaker community filled with great opportunities!


So now you’ve take a risk to build your knowledge and experience, you’ve also networked yourself to a community of like-minded individuals and you’re ready to present your best side to them. A concise way to showcase your talent in the shortest possible form is to get a showreel together after following the first two steps. Keep in mind they will have likely seen hundreds of portfolios for cast and crew so you’ll want to get a bit creative here too, what pieces of work make you stand out from the crowd?


At Filmshape we’re always looking to improve our site so that you can have the best possible experience so if you have any feedback at all regarding feature requests or issues we want to hear from you. Here are the three methods you can use to provide feedback:

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