Filmshape launches social network for actors and filmmakers is excited to announce the launch of our social network for filmmakers and actors alike, simplifying connectivity, collaboration, management and promotion all in one space. The official launch date for Filmshape is 9th March 2022. connects the world of filmmakers and improves their productivity so they can create the content we love. The launch has been a resounding success with interests from thousands of filmmakers and actors across the globe eager to find crews and interact with the larger film community through the site. Oliver Efesopoulos the Co-Founder and CEO will be participating in panels, film festivals and discussions online as well as in-person disruptive tech conferences to further spread the word of Filmshape.

Filmmakers and Actors

“We’re taking film production out of little black books. Most platforms work on the basis that you’ll change your job every few years but this doesn’t work for the film industry. Our mission is to connect the world of filmmakers and improve their productivity so they can easily and efficiently create the content we love.”

  • Oliver Efesopoulos, Co-Founder and CEO. is moving the needle towards democratising the filmmaking landscape and empowering every filmmaker and actor to be involved. The social platform will enable the film community to easily bring their ideas to life and have fun while doing so. A good idea should be simple enough to understand in one sentence and so the idea behind the app is to ‘Find crews and make films’… that’s it. The deeper you dive, the more you’ll find from project management, talent recruitment, showcasing of work and general interaction with the wider community.

Contact Information:
Oliver Efesopoulos –
Twitter – @efesopoulos

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